​ The name “Third Culture Coffee” is derived from the company’s students – third-culture kids living in an international community.  The name both captures our background as well as the essence of our mission to bridge communities. Partnering with Hani Coffee Co., a Yunnan-based social enterprise, TCC’s beans are sourced directly from farmers who are paid premiums up to 20% above market price. This allows farmers in Yunnan to produce higher-quality coffee beans while receiving fair wages.

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Third Culture Coffee is dedicated to sending a monthly donation to the farmers we work with in Yunnan, China. We are funding sustainable bean-drying technology for these farmers. Raised beds enhance the quality of coffee by providing a drying mechanism that ensures increased airflow. This vastly decreases the chances of over-fermentation or mold, which is detrimental to the coffee. As of today, we have funded 6 raised beds.

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"In January we submitted the Naturals we did on the raised beds, and the response was incredible. Several people who have cupped a ton of Yunnan Coffee said it was the best Yunnan they have ever had... we are excited about the quality!"

--Tim Heinze, owner of Hani Coffee Co.


From its days as an exploratory project to winning the annual ACAMIS Award for Innovation in Schools, Third Culture Coffee Roasters has made great strides. But are always looking for new ways to scale our impact on the coffee industry. We will continue to listen closely and empower the people around us, whether it be through the gift of coffee, or simply through the gift of change. Most crucially, we aim to plant hope – hope that farmers may be able to expand their businesses, hope for the development of collaborative societies, and hope for a future where both urban and rural Chinese may retain access to employment, representation, and opportunity.

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