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4 Summer Recipes with TCC Coffee

1. Coffee popsicles/ice

With summer quickly approaching, nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold popsicle! There are tons of ways you can make your popsicles flavorful and interesting, whether by adding milk or extra ingredients like tapioca pearls. You don’t necessarily need to own a popsicle mold for this either; a poor man’s solution to this is to simply use a water glass as a “mold” and stick an especially sturdy chopstick in as the handle, and pop it in the freezer! It isn’t ideal, but it gets the job done.

2. Tiramisu:

The most timeless coffee based product would have to be tiramisu. The traditional italian no-bake dessert with coffee-dipped lady fingers and a cream topping is the perfect home-made recipe you can have fun exploring with friends and families.

3. Coffee waffle

Most of us drink coffee in the morning and there’s nothing more exciting than to start the day with a combination of everyone’s favorite breakfast, waffles, with coffee. The best part about this is not only the simplicity but also it can be served both as a breakfast food and also a dessert!

4. Coffee milkshake

Milkshakes are a staple for the summer, and coffee is a must-drink in the morning. Combine the two, and you get a coffee milkshake. Milkshakes are not only very simple to make, but are packed with flavors of coffee, ice-cream, and milk.

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