At Third Culture Coffee, we work to make coffee production as sustainable as possible. We source shade-grown Arabica coffee beans, where a rich ecosystem is a crucial component to bean growth. Thus, the mass deforestation that often accompanies the establishment of coffee plantations is not a part of our bean-to-cup process. Instead, the vegetation that grows amongst these coffee trees preserves Yunnan's natural biodiversity while reducing erosion, habitat fragmentation, and other negative environmental impacts.



Third Culture Coffee is actively working to reduce use of plastic through providing an environmentally-friendly packaging alternative. Our biodegradable bags should be put into the food waste bin to be composted. This mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and enriches the soil with nutrients as the bags decompose. 



Small coffee farmers often sink into a cycle of poverty when their production costs exceed the profits from their harvests. To help lift farmers out of poverty, we're partnering with Hani Coffee, a green-bean supplier that pays its farmers above-market wages while investing in community development in Pu'er, Yunnan Province. With our profits, Third Culture Coffee helps to support Hani Coffee's efforts to improve the quality of water and education in coffee-farming villages.

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